Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Matthias Rothenaicher and I'm a freelance illustrator and designer from Bavaria, Germany. After I graduated from Nuremberg Institute of Technology with a B.A. degree in Design, I started working as an illustrator and soon specialized in handcrafted maps for fantasy and science fiction content. Since then my work has been published in a wide range of different role playing game publications and novels. I worked in a variety of different styles on everything from small thumbnails to huge poster maps and in a lot of categories – from overland maps, city maps, floor plans and battle maps to structural maps and isometric projections.
I love everything about cartography, especially that it allows you to get lost in foreign worlds. Attention to detail and graphical clarity are equally important to me. With each map I am aiming for a result that both communicates clearly and is an athmospheric interpretation of the idea.

Past and present clients include:
PAIZO Publishing 
Ulisses Spiele 
Uhrwerk Verlag 
Modiphius Entertainment 
Ghostfire Gaming 
Feder & Schwert Verlag

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